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Duties/Exemption (Furniture or Car Transfer)


Application Form:

Furniture Transfer Application Form


* For more information please call the Embassy

(Janet)  (613)236-5825 Ext.229, Poa@LebanonEmbassy.ca


Furniture Transfer


(To avoid paying the relevant customs duties on used furniture).


1- An (Affidavit) by the applicant testifying that he resided in Canada for more than three years and that he intends to move to Lebanon for good.


2- Lebanese ID.


3- Detailed list of the furniture to be transferred. (Should be clear and printed on the computer)


4- Proof of residency in Canada for more than 3 years (personal income tax return, letter of employment, etc…)


5- Self-addressed stamped, Xpresspost, envelope with phone number (to send you back the original documents).


6- The amount of $30 CAD

  • In person: Cash.
  • By mail: Money order payable to the Embassy of Lebanon.

                     We do not accept any cash via mail.


* One additional photocopy of all of the above mentioned documents is required.



Car Transfer


The shipment of cars to Lebanon, without the need to pass through the embassy, just pay the customs duties when entering the car to Lebanon. It is only required that the date of manufacture of the vehicle should not be more than seven years




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