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Application to open a file for Lebanese Associations and Institutions in Canada


* For more information please call the Embassy

(Saliba)  (613)236-5825 Ext.228, Passport@LebanonEmbassy.ca


In order to strengthen the cooperation between the expatriates and Lebanese Embassies, to gather the greater number of emigrants from various sectors and reinforce ties with the mother country and better serve the interests of the Lebanese community abroad, The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs kindly request ;

From The Lebanese citizens living in Canada to fill in a personal/family application form at the Embassy of Lebanon in Ottawa, or through one of the Consulates in Montreal and Halifax, with a copy of the Identity Card or Family Civil Registration or Individual Extract of Civil Status attached to the application, and to send them by e-mail to: info@lebanonembassy.ca In addition, and for the same purpose, it is required from all persons approaching the Embassy for any transaction, to fill in the same application before proceeding.


From the Presidents and Responsible of Social, Economical and Cultural Lebanese Associations and Institutions, working in Canada to take the initiative to approach the Embassy by filling in the Application file and  send it by e-mail to: info@lebanonembassy.ca





Lebanese Associations and Institutions in Canada

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