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Transport of remains to lebanon


* For more information please call the Embassy

(Julie)  (613)236-5825 Ext.226, Civil@LebanonEmbassy.ca




Transfer of Remains


1- The death must be registered at the Embassy. (Refer to Death registration).


2- Contact a local funeral home to help provide the following documents:


  1. Original death certificate, issued by the Canadian government.

  2. Certificate for shipment of body outside the province.

  3.  Burial permit.

  4. Letter of non-contagious diseases issued by an authorized health institution in the city.

  5. Letter of embalming.

  6. Letter of sealed casket.

  7. Original Lebanese Passport of the deceased, with three photocopies of the first three pages.

  8. Lebanese ID of the deceased 'Ikhraj Kayd'.

  9. A 2 way return airway bill with account #


This formality is free of charge.


* One additional photocopy of all of the above mentioned documents is required.






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